To promote tattoo artist and painter Cris Cleen, we filmed a documentary that provides a sincere glimpse into Cris’s world, ethics, inspirations and philosophies. To help viewer's draw a connection with the artist they follow Cris in his world and is voice in an intimate atmosphere. You can see more of Cris’s beautiful works of art on his website

In five months, the movie received 30K views on Vimeo. Comedian Margaret Cho wrote about the film and cited it as an inspiration to get tattooed by him: 

Cris Cleen is a tattooer I had never met but upon seeing his work, in a nice Vimeo short profile on him on my daily go-to tattoo news site, it was maybe a love at first sight feeling, but not necessarily for the man, as I didn’t know him, and really, am old enough to be his mother, but for his incredible tattoos.

– Margaret Cho