Design and Strategy

SF Cinematheque

Presented by San Francisco Cinematheque, PERPETUAL MOTION is the largest convergence of international, multi-generational performance cinema practitioners ever assembled in the San Francisco Bay Area. Performance Cinema is an exciting and emergent genre of avant-garde moving-image art engaging with consideration of real-time through site-specific media experiences.

The performances utilize mis-used or modified analog film projectors, live video synthesis and physical interaction with the media interface. Performance cinema practitioners variously burn, etch, mutilate and destroy projected film, machinery and the image itself creating immersive spectacles of sight and sound, opening a space for questioning and contemplating visual culture through direct activation of the senses.

SF Cinematheque partnered with The Call to increase the event's visibility through branding, motion graphics, and a social media strategy deployed throughout the duration of the series (September 16th through December 7th, 2017). The goals include boosting ticket sales and growing the organization’s community along with their subscriber base.