Branding + Design

Swift Shift is a service that creates operational efficiencies for healthcare providers by allowing them to schedule and retain their workforce (caregivers) through on-demand scheduling. In the old days, a homecare agency scheduler would have to manually call nurses on a one of one basis, creating schedules with tons of inefficiency and errors. With Swift Shift, the scheduler publishes a shift request to available caregivers' mobile phones, and the caregivers pick the shifts that are best for them by time, location, driving distance, and patient requirements. The result is an efficient, capable, and profitable workforce where caregivers provide superior patient care by working the shifts that best fit their lifestyle.

In a year-long engagement, The Call worked with Swift Shift to reinvent the visual language of the brand and create a variety of multi-channel executions from a website, to printed collateral, to a trade show booth. The visual language was developed with a friendliness and sensitivity to make nurses and healthcare providers feel that the brand understands them, embraces them, and speaks their language. At the core of the system is a series of lifestyle illustrations, icons, and custom maps that provide a framework for the brand to explain its product with context and meaning.

Printed Matter
A variety of printed matter was created to onboard nurses and to explain the benefits of the platform to health care providers.

Lifestyle Illustrations, Icons and Visual Language
A set of custom illustrations and icons were created that reinforce that the Swift Shift brand is built for nurses and healthcare providers to provide the best health care possible. The illustrations were designed to speak a friendly visual language that resonates with nurses and provides a sense of aeshetic differentation in the marketplace. 

Behind the Scenes
Sketches that distill the values of the brand were created in initial presentations to provide a set of clear goals to frame the messaging and visual communications. These sketches were often used to guide conversations with the client and provided a valuable frame of reference to align viewpoints and individual opinions.

Web Site
A fully responsive web site was designed from the ground up that explains the Swift Shift brand in a friendly, easy to understand way. The lifestyle illustrations are used throughout to reinforce that Swift Shift is about helping nurses connect with people to provide superior healthcare.

Tradeshow Booth
A custom trade show booth was designed and produced using the lifestyle illustrations and a custom map to provide context for Swift Shift's location based services. A looping animation was displayed on a 4K screen at the booth.

Motion Graphics
A short animation was scripted, and then created in After Effects to telegraph the benefits of Swift Shift and their service offerings.

A variety of physical artifacts were created to onboard and welcome nurses and schedulers to the Swift Shift platform including tee-shirts, sticker sheets, informational brochures, emory boards, magnets, pencils and pens, pins, canvas tote bags and custom band-aids.

Brand Assets + Cartography
A custom map was created using OpenStreetMap and the Maperitve software of the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The map serves as a background texture to provide visual context of the location based service Swift Shift provides.