Motion and Sound

Cave Evil: Warcults is an American independent, black metal inspired board game designed by artists Mat Brinkman, Jochen Hartmann, and Nate Hayden. The Call was commissioned to create a launch trailer and bring the game's artwork to life through animation and a bone-chilling sound score. To learn more about the game visit BoardGameGeek, or to purchase it, channel your dark energies to Cave Evil.

"It knows no light, this Cave,

"Endless tunnels, endless battle, endless death...

I awoke among my species, mine folk. I have risen, understood, grasped and taken my power, those below my slaves! I shall raise great armies to massacre any enemy! These territories are mine, only the weak to destroy! Shadow deities pretend to stand above me, but I shalt not kneel. I shall sit on any throne!

Tonight I am Warlord, an oath declared! The weak and shoddy I shall craft into powerful warriors, warriors into command, command into my Lord of all Battles! Together we conquer! Our species will rule the caverns of black! Into the Warrior Path!"

A selection of artwork used in the game by Manifester, MarderIII, Wizard333 and Commode Ministrels in Bullface