Identity + Generative Design

VisoTrust is a cyber security outfit that mitigates risks for its clients by providing a central system to secure, vet, and authorize vendors that operate within their information technology infrastructure. They consulted with The Call to create a visual identity for their brand that did not rely on cliché symbols normally associated with the cyber security category.

We created a brand mark using the iconography of the all-seeing eye and hand that pledges to protect and watch over, loosely based on the ancient “Hamsa Hand” - an Arabic amulet that protects from evil.

Additional brand assets were created with an algorithm written in Processing that randomly generates a flock of triangles to represent data in its various states of flux and change. The symbol, which we nicknamed “The Oracle”, is meant to stand strong as a guardian in an uncertain sea. The algorithm was used to generate a randomized pattern on each business card to demonstrate the company’s ability to offer security in a dynamic, ever changing environment.

Circular geometry defines the digits of the hands, indented rounds and bottom of the hand at a ratio of
2:1:7, with an overall aspect ratio of 1w:1.3h.

Geometry Outtakes
This was another option left on the cutting room floor. S
trong 45 degree angles create an aesthetic focused on technology and futurism.

Logos, Brand Colors and Legibility
The logo was designed to be legible at sizes as small as 50px*50px and on a variety of the brand colors.

Business Card Permutations
A custom algorithm was written to output fifty variations of the front of each card so every design is a unique artifact.

Logo with Pattern
The pattern serves as a complementary brand asset that can extend to letterhead, deckware and web site design.

Pattern Distribution
Color and pattern distributions are controlled by variables that define the color mix, number of rows and amount of iterations to output.

The algorithm is easily tweaked to output new patterns depending on the application: just set the amount of iterations and it outputs a multi-page .PDF or folder of .JPGs.

Objects can be substituted to generate new patterns, like the outlined white triangles which were used on the back of the business cards.